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1969.07.07 Joni's next appearance Mississippi River Festival — Southern Illinois Univ. Edwardsville, IL

Joni and Arlo Guthrie were the featured performers in a
concert filmed by NET TV. The Aug. 3 broadcast was titled
The Sounds Of Summer–Mississippi River Festival.

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  • <b>The MRF logo</b><br>The two wavy bars represented the Mississippi River. The circle above the river represented the moon, since the concerts were held in the evening.
  • <i>A smaller but just as enthusiastic crowd as [Janice] Joplin's was drawn by Arlo Guthrie and Joni Mitchell.  They combined Guthrie's witty guitar talks with Joni's singing.</i> - 1970 Muse Yearbook (SIU Edwardsville) Page 26.

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randyremote on

Joni's set appeared as a bootleg LP called "Lennie and Dom Songs (Early On)" on various labels (Kornyfone, Phonygraf, TAKRL, Midnite) in the early '70's. On some issues it was wrongly identified as "NET TV broadcast from LA 1969". Other versions did not mention the source at all. Some issues also mixed up the order of the songs, and added the studio "Urge For Going". Copies of this boot still surface from time to time.