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Caleb McCarroll Sings 'Blue', St Louis MO, February 2

Posted January 05, 2024

Caleb McCarroll takes the stage in his Blue Strawberry solo debut to pay tribute to the legendary Joni Mitchell with a heartfelt performance of her iconic album, "Blue." Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies and poignant lyrics that have made Joni Mitchell a timeless musical icon. Caleb's soulful voice and passionate interpretation bring a fresh and authentic energy to these classic songs, capturing the essence of Joni Mitchell's poetic brilliance. From the haunting "River" to the introspective "A Case of You," experience the magic of these beloved tunes in an intimate setting, with only piano and voice, that echoes the spirit of the original recordings. But the night doesn't end there! In a unique twist, Caleb invites you to be a part of the musical journey with a "Songs from a Hat" portion. The audience will randomly draw numbers from a hat that correspond with previously chosen songs, creating an interactive and spontaneous segment where the audience's choices shape the musical landscape of the evening. Don't miss this special event that combines the beauty of Joni Mitchell's masterpieces with the creative energy of audience participation. Join us at the Blue Strawberry for a night of musical enchantment, where Caleb McCarroll's soulful voice and the spirit of Joni Mitchell converge in a celebration of timeless artistry.

Caleb McCarroll is a singer-songwriter, actor, music director, and playwright. A proud graduate of the prestigious Music Direction for Musical Theatre program at Webster University, he is best known for infusing the worlds of classical music and musical theatre into the folk and pop music scenes. In his original music, he is known for expressive and often moody lyricism, paired with simple melodies. In his free time, Caleb obsesses over situational comedy and Forn├ęs. More information here