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Celebration of Joni Mitchell, Philadelphia, November 8

Posted September 03, 2019

Love City Music Collective presents ~ Reckless Daughter - The Celebration of Joni Mitchell. Curated and produced by Love City Music's "HZIC" (Head Zangeres in Charge) Peg Talbott-Lane, "Reckless Daughter" covers the period of Ms. Mitchell's songbook from "Ladies of the Canyon" to "Mingus" and is performed by Love City Music Collective - Talbott-Lane, Barry Hollander, Rob Lawrence, Glenn Marrazzo and Mark Schreiber.

This kick off production of Love City Music's ongoing tribute show includes several guest vocalists from different genres of the local Philadelphia scene, theater, performance artists, folk & jazz perspectives who will give you a little of their heart through her words for one night only. More information here.