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The Words and Music of Joni Mitchell

(The Praeger Singer-Songwriter Collection)

by James Bennighof [Praeger - 2010]
ISBN-13: 9780313355943
ASIN: 0313355940

The Words and Music of Joni Mitchell surveys the entire output of this legendary artist, from her 1968 debut album Song to a Seagull to her 2007 album Shine.

After a brief overview of Mitchell's career and a chapter that details some of the important technical features of the guitar styles upon which she draws, The book offers in-depth discussion of every song Mitchell has recorded and released. Proceeding chronologically through Mitchell's albums, this book illuminates the musical content of the songs and the personality behind the music. Each brief essay describes how important musical features - such as instrumentation, idiosyncratic guitar tunings, harmonic structure, form, and elements of melody and rhythm - interact with the text of the song to create the unforgettable artistic statements for which Mitchell is celebrated.

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