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Smoothing Skin Tint From a Martha Stewart-Used Brand Print-ready version

According to shoppers, it leaves mature skin looking “plump” and “youthful.”

by Kaelin Dodge
February 7, 2024


Finding a foundation that works for a range of skin types can feel impossible: What works on smoother, more youthful skin can settle into mature complexions with fine lines, and what makes dry skin dewy might leave oily skin feeling greasy. Discovering that one-product-fits-all tint is a Herculean task, but after learning what 80-year-old Joni Mitchell used to give her skin an all-over glow at the Grammy Awards, I'm convinced I might have finally found the one.

The singer-songwriter wore the Super Serum Skin Tint with SPF 40 from Ilia, per a press release from the brand, the Hollywood-favorite clean beauty brand that's been used by everyone from Martha Stewart to Kate Hudson. And while the brand itself is quite popular, the tinted serum is famous in its own right, used by a long list of stars including Cindy Crawford, Miranda Kerr, and Hilary Swank.

The product - available in 30 shades - is formulated to work as skincare, SPF, and makeup, offering light to medium coverage with a boost of hydration thanks to ingredients like hyaluronic acid and a plant-based squalane, while niacinamide smooths skin. "I love the way it makes my skin look hydrated and happy," wrote one shopper with "very dry skin." And per a 61-year-old customer, this tint is "very light and dewy and makes [their] skin look hydrated and plump." "Every single person I interact with says my skin looks amazing," they raved.

Like I said, most foundations and tints don't work for every skin type, but according to shoppers, this one does. The tinted serum is non-comedogenic, making it safe for acne-prone skin, while the hydrating ingredients and dewy finish makes it ideal for those with dry skin. But according to shoppers with oily skin, it works for them, too. One customer who tends to avoid makeup because it "feels heavy, clogs [their] pores, [and] sweats off" their oily skin wrote that the Super Serum Skin Tint is a game-changer. "It's so lightweight and looks less like I have makeup on and more like I just have the best looking skin," they wrote.

It's also a favorite of shoppers with mature skin. While it gave Mitchell's skin a radiant glow - whose makeup artist Molly Greenwald said it was applied all over with her fingers - other people have noted that it gives a "natural, glossy, youthful look [and] doesn't set in your lines or wrinkles." "As my skin matures, the less I want a thick foundation that's just going to dry me out, sit on the top of my skin... and show my pores. This is the only product I use on my face anymore," wrote another fan, adding that they "always get compliments" on their "dewy and hydrated" complexion. "At 53, I'm loving being asked what I'm doing for my skin!" they concluded.

Ilia's Super Serum Skin Tint was the secret behind Mitchell's radiant award-show skin - but she's far from the only person in Hollywood relying on the tint that boasts thousands of five-star ratings. Shop more of the products used to create the singer's Grammys glow, below.

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