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Joni Mitchell to Make Hollywood Bowl Return, But Fans Have a Bone to Pick Print-ready version

In a familiar tale, fans were once again met with high ticket prices and long queues

by Julius Miller
Los Angeles Magazine
February 1, 2024

Joni Mitchell is set to perform two dates at the Hollywood Bowl with Brandi Carlile, marking her return to the venue after 45 years and her first Los Angeles show in 24 years. However, what is meant to be a celebratory event has left a sour taste in some fans' mouths.

The first barrier to getting Joni tickets was a familiar face in the concert scene: Ticketmaster. The same company that stirred up such a huge mess last year when selling Taylor Swift tickets that they eventually had to go to court.

As one fan, Leah Goggins, perfectly summed it up on X, formerly Twitter, "i am back in the saddle again (getting in a ticketmaster queue for joni mitchell tickets that i cannot afford)."

Fans were met with a queue of nearly 25,000 people. Once inside, tickets were set at high minimums; another X user, Kenn (@theveganpeach), claimed the cheapest seats were $350. In a 17,500-seat amphitheater-style stadium, that's steep, to say the least.

"Jk maybe I will not get Joni Mitchell tickets seeing as the cheapest tickets are 350$ and they are selling out faster than my computer [sic] can load the payment screen," they wrote.

Another user, @noregretscoy0te, was feeling the irony: "Did I just spend on £3000 on two joni Mitchell tickets? They are kinda the best seats but still.. in joni's words I'm a fool when loves's at stake.

To combat the demand, Rhino Entertainment released a statement that they'd tack on a second show, bringing the dates to Oct. 19 and 20. The hype around Joni is at an all-new high at the moment, as the Canadian music legend is scheduled to perform at the Grammys this Sunday.

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