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Joni Mitchell announces first California concert in 24 years Print-ready version

Mitchell will perform with Brandi Carlile at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles

by Gabe Lehman
January 31, 2024

FILE — Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell plays her guitar at her home circa 1970 in Los Angeles. Martin Mills/Getty Images

After coming out of her unofficial retirement nearly two years ago, Joni Mitchell, with the help of pal Brandi Carlile, is returning home to California. On Tuesday, Mitchell and Carlile announced "Joni Mitchell and the Joni Jam," a one-night-only performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Saturday, Oct. 19.

One of the most celebrated singer-songwriters of the 20th century, Mitchell has long been tied to California and Los Angeles specifically. While originally from Canada, Mitchell, like fellow music elder stateswoman Stevie Nicks, found success while living and recording in Los Angeles' Laurel Canyon in the 1970s. Her platinum album "Ladies of the Canyon" includes some of her biggest hits like "Circle Game" and "Big Yellow Taxi."

The singer tied herself to the Golden State forever with 1971's "California," a love letter to the state that she wrote while traveling and homesick. Her last full concert performances in the state took place in May 2000 at the Concord Pavilion, then the Chronicle Pavilion, in Concord and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Following an aneurysm in 2015, Mitchell took a break from the public eye and many believed she had retired for good. But Carlile, who lists Mitchell among her biggest musical influences, helped convince her to return.

Mitchell and Carlile played a set at the 2022 Newport Folk Festival, Mitchell's first full-length live show in over two decades. They teamed up again for a show - also billed as "Joni Mitchell and the Joni Jam" - at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington last year.

Mitchell's career renaissance even earned her a spot at the music industry's biggest night. Earlier this week, Mitchell was announced as a performer for the 2024 Grammy Awards on Sunday.

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Is there a list yet of the other performers? Same as the Gorge? Can't wait!!