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Could 2024 Be the Year of Joni Mitchell-Core? Print-ready version

by Emma Specter
January 31, 2024

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While I'm glad to be a child of the '90s, if only because I don't think being gay would have been, um, a hoot at any earlier time in history, a little part of me has always been pissed to have missed out on the 1970s. I picture the '70s version of myself living in Laurel Canyon (no, I don't know how she got the money for this), wearing fringe, being extremely chill, and - most of all - somehow being intimate friends with Joni Mitchell, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard that the 80-year-old artist was slated to sing at the upcoming Grammy Awards.

Mitchell has never performed at the Grammys before, and I'm choosing to interpret her sudden decision to do so as a sign that the Year of Joni is upon us at last. (Not for nothing, after a string of concert appearances with Brandi Carlile last year, Mitchell will also perform her first Los Angeles headlining show in decades at the Hollywood Bowl this fall.) One could argue that the true Year of Joni was, say, 1971, when Blue came out (an album with the power to make me ugly-sob like a fire hydrant every time I hear it), but in my opinion we're well overdue for a Jonissance. Could her Grammys performance be so singularly gorgeous that it inspires the likes of the Kardashian-Jenners, the Hadids, or Taylor Swift's football squad to grow out their hair and sport crochet berets?

Of course, far stranger things have happened in the world of fashion than peak Joni-wear returning to the fore; lest we forget, in 2015 she fronted a campaign for Saint Laurent. Who might she align with next? Maybe Collina Strada? I think that brand's neo-hippie, earth-first vibe would go well with Mitchell's ethos, and I know I'd be first in line to buy quite literally any item that Mitchell had stamped with her approval. You could even day it's all I want...

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