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Joni Mitchell Inspires Crowd Print-ready version

by Dan Henderson
Commercial Appeal
February 5, 1976
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Reverence and crowds at pop music concerts are seldom combined. Joni Mitchell last night made the 7,628-member crowd in the Mid-South Coliseum seem like worshippers at a church.

For a while, the coliseum may have been the most prayerful place in the city.

Miss Mitchell took the stage at 9:15 p.m. after an opening set played by the LA. Express; which also provided her backup.

From the opening song, "Help Me," her clear and mellow voice woke a spirit of yearning and fellowship in the near-sell-out crowd. Only 8,000 tickets were available.

The weak point of the evening was the LA. Express. While technically competent, they possess no real gift of music. Their presence was nearly an unnecessary ornament.

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