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‘Joni Mitchell: 50 Years Of Blue’: Entertainment One Launches Sales On BBC Two Documentary Print-ready version

by Andreas Wiseman
October 11, 2021

During Mipcom, Entertainment One (eOne) is launching global sales rights (excluding the UK) on BBC Two feature documentary Joni Mitchell: 50 Years of Blue.

The music biopic looks at the iconic singer's life and career, spotlighting the importance of the landmark album Blue, which celebrated its golden anniversary this summer.

Directed by Teresa Griffiths, Joni Mitchell: 50 Years of Blue charts the singer's life and career up to the point in 1970 when she began writing and recording what was to become Blue, and the life she has lived in the 50 years since. The documentary explains the background to the recording of her seminal fourth album through archive footage, interview material with Mitchell herself, and collaborators Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, Russ Kunkel and James Taylor.

"This immersive documentary is sure to move audiences who fell in love with this iconic artist and those who are discovering Joni Mitchell's work afresh today," said Noel Hedges, EVP, Acquisitions, International Distribution, eOne. "We're delighted to offer this compelling documentary to our clients as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver inspiring content that resonates with viewers of all ages."

Canadian folk legend Mitchell is well known for songs including Big Yellow Taxi and Woodstock.

eOne's factual slate includes Inside China, from Hardcash Productions; The Highland Vet; and Arctic Vets, which is currently in production on season 2 in Canada.

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