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Spokane Semi-Weekly Spokesman-Review
February 20, 1979
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Joni Mitchell, Young's fellow Canadian, has always been a jazz singer. She just never realized it until now.

"Mingus" is the long-awaited result of the odd collaboration between flighty Mitchell and immortal bassist Charles Mingus, who died earlier this year at age 56.

Mitchell's old fans might hate it. Jazz purists might hat it. But those of use somewhere in the middle will find it a pleasant record and proper vehicle for Mitchell's haunting, animated voice.

Joni player her best guitar on record, spurred by premier jazz backers like bassist Jaco Pastorius, sax man Wayne Shorter and pianist Herbie Hancock.

Mitchell's prose and paintings (the jacket features four) also shine. Who else could add lyrics to Mingus' classic "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" and not only get away with it, but enhance the tune? Three stars.

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