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Bits and pieces from the world of music

by Barb Geraud
Pitt News
October 4, 1972
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Somehow, David Geffen, who co-owns Asylum Records (Joni Mitchell, Eagles, CSN&Y, etc.) has managed to get Clive Davis to release Roger McGuinn from Columbia for one record, re-uniting the original Byrds---McGuinn, David Crosby, Gene Clark, Mike Clarke, and Chris Hillman. The album should be out in time for Christmas giving. Reportedly, Stephen Stills is trying to get the original Buffalo Springfield back together again, but I'll believe that one once I have the record in my hands. Too many ego problems.

A generally unrecognized Dylan wandered all over the Mariposa Folk Festival, trying to get somebody to let him play. But, fearful of riots and other such nasties, Mike Cooney, the head of program planning, asked the great one not to. So Bobby just wandered around with the wife and kids. How homey.

Also, there were Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne, L.A.'s two newest lovebirds. They each did their own sets, then ran around taking little Instamatic photos of the other, the audience, and people in general.

Neil Young hid out for two hours before his show, paranoid of crowds, or some other such nonsense, then came on to do stuff like "Helpless," "Harvest," "Sugar Mountain," and "Heart of Gold."

Gordon Lightfoot didn't even go on stage. He sat on a picnic table.

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