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Brown will skip parley of western governors Print-ready version

by McClatchy Newspaper Service
Modesto Bee
December 7, 1975
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SACRAMENTO---Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller and the Ford administration's Domestic Council will meet with governors and other top officials of western states Tuesday in Los Angeles to discuss economic, environmental and social problems, but Gov. Edmund G. Brown, Jr. won't be there.

He'll be in Los Angeles but will be talking to physicians about malpractice insurance problems, instead. The malpractice meeting was scheduled late last week. Brown's office indicated he never planned to attend the session of the Domestic Council. . . . [omitted next two paragraphs]

Martin Glick, director of employment development, will be the top California official at the conference.

Brown will participate tomorrow night in Los Angeles in an unusual benefit in behalf of Immaculate Heart College of Los Angeles. He will join columnist William F. Buckley and former University of California President Clark Kerr in a debate on education.

Singer Joni Mitchell will perform before and after the Brown-Buckley-Kerr debate. The $50-a-person benefit is being staged by producer Bill Graham.

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