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Reformed Beatle Will Jazz it Up At Auditorium Print-ready version

by Dave Laundy
Edmonton Journal
May 8, 1964
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A reformed Beatle will keep the Jubilee Auditorium swingin' after midnight May 17.

Hans Stamer, an Edmonton jeweler billed as the "king of the 12-string guitar," will join other top Alberta folk-singers at a midnight folk festival.

Hans plays rhythm and blues in a style similar to that of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, a favorite of Rhythm and Blues patrons. He strums the guitar and plays a mouth organ.

In 1960, while living in Germany, Hans plated rhythm guitar with three of Britain's famous Beatles who were in Hamburg for a night club engagement.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison were then known as the Silver Beatles.


Hans prefers to forget his rock and roll days, feeling he has graduated to a more sophisticated rhythm and blues style.

But he still produces a pretty hep sound.

The Midnight Folk Festival is sponsored by the Varsity Folk Music Society, a group of university students interested in promoting folk music.

On the program with Hans will be the Jeffrey Howard Singers, the Kopala Trio, the Cellar Dwellers, and Joni Anderson of Calgary.


The Jeffrey Howard Singers are well known to patrons of Warwick's. They have also played in other cities.

Joni is a student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and, according to Dave Ford of the Varsity Folk Music Society, she sings "a sweet Joan Baez."

Talented Joni, who often appears at Calgary's folk singing centre The Depression, plays the folk guitar, mandolin [ed note: almost certainly the tiple], and baritone ukelele.

The show will last until 3 a.m.

Receipts from the show will go toward new microphones and amplifiers for the Varsity Folk Music Society.

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