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First hit for self taught Joni Mitchell Print-ready version

Disc Magazine
July 11, 1970
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CRUISING into Disc's chart this week at 27 is Joni Mitchell's "Yellow Taxi Cab," a song taken from her "Ladies Of The Canyon" album at 23 in the album chart.

Joni, the young folk singer from Alberta, Canada, who taught herself to play guitar by listening to the Pete Seeger "How To Play The Guitar" album, hasn't previously had a hit in this country, but she wrote "Both Sides Now" which took Judy Collins into the British chart for the first time and who wrote "Woodstock" for the film and that was another hit for Crosby, Stills and Nash. Since the success of that song she's been writing more film scores.

Negotiations are currently taking place to bring her over for the August Isle Of Wight Festival, but as yet that's not been confirmed.

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