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James Taylor hints that Joni Mitchell is “coming back” with new music Print-ready version

The singer has suffered multiple health issues since 2015

by Will Ricahrds
New Musical Express
February 17, 2020

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Joni Mitchell is "coming back" with new music soon, the legendary singer's friend and collaborator James Taylor has seemingly revealed.

Mitchell suffered a brain aneurysm in March of 2015 and was found unconscious at her home. Later that year, it was revealed that the singer was "walking, talking and painting" again after the injury, and now it seems she might be returning to singing.

Speaking to The Guardian, Taylor spoke of his collaborations and friendship with Mitchell, and revealed that the two have recently reconnected.

"We've continued to have a friendship and, well, I recently sort of re-engaged with Joni, and that's been wonderful," Taylor said. "She came to a show of mine recently, at the Hollywood Bowl, which was an unusual thing for her to do."

Going on to seemingly reveal a comeback for the iconic folk singer, Taylor said: "She's recovering, she's coming back — which is an amazing thing to be able to do — and I wonder what she has to tell us about that... "I think she's coming back musically..." Taylor continued. "It's amazing to see her come back to the surface."

Joni Mitchell's most recent album, 2007's SHINE, is set to be released on vinyl later this year.

Last year, the singer's personal book of handwritten words and paintings, released in 1971 and originally only given out to her friends, was finally released to the public.

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