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Joni Mitchell

by C. C.
Cash Box
December 9, 1972
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TROUBADOUR, L.A. - Joni Mitchell blends one of the most tender soprano voices with some of the harshest lyrics, skillfully putting abstract ideals that everyone feels into proper perspective. Her sincere, sensitive view of what life is all about is simple, clearly stated, and very moving.

Mitchell devoted a good deal of her show to breaking in new material off of her recently released Asylum album, "For the Roses." Numbers like "You Turn Me On I'm a Radio," "Women [sic] of Heart and Mind," and "For the Roses" vividly illustrate that this is one of her finest offerings. Joni Mitchell is one of the few truly professional artists who has weathered the test of time, and it seems inevitable that as long as she has the desire to perform, there will always be an enthusiastic following behind her.

Steve Furguson opened the show with his easy optimistic songs from flowing melodies and universally personal lyrics. His voice is very fitting for the mode of music he writes, carrying a great deal of emotion. His performance included a mixing of piano techniques and styles ranging from his own to a waltz by Chopin.

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