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Cash Box
March 16, 1968
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'BOTH SIDES NOW' - Joni Mitchell has been signed to an artists' contract by Reprise. the 24-year-old songstress is from Saskatchewan and was brought to the attention of Reprise general manager Mo Ostin by Tom Rush, who has cut two of her songs for his next Elektra album. She has written such tunes as "Both Sides Now," "Chelsea Morning," Clouds," "Circle Game," "Urge For Going," "Michael From Mountains," and "Song To A Seagull." In addition to Rush, the roster of artists who have cut Joni Mitchell songs, include: Judy Collins, Dave Van Ronk and the Hudson Dusters, George Hamilton IV, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Ian and Sylvia. Her first major public appearances was at last year's Newport Folk Festival (see Cash Box, July 29th, 1967; Pgs. 40 and 46.) Her songs are published through Siquomb Music (BMI) and she is managed by Elliot Roberts, who negotiated the Reprise pact. Her album was produced by former-Byrd Dave Crosby, who is standing directly behind Joni and flanked by Elliot Roberts (left) and Mo Ostin (right.)

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