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June 1991
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Joni Mitchell: "Night Ride Home"
Label: Geffen
Produced by: Joni Mitchell and Larry Klein
Mixed by: Mike Shipley and Dan Marnien
Engineered by: Dan Marnien
Additional engineering: Tony Phillips, Steve Churchyard, Julie Last, Henry Lewy, Richard Cottrell, Julie Last, Paula Garcia, Kristen Connelly, Jim Hill, Bob Voght
Recorded and mixed at: Kiva Studios, A&M Studios, One on One Studios
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig, Masterdisk (New York)

Comments: Consistency reigns throughout the latest release from J.M., in musicality, artistic message and production. Mitchell has recorded one of her more mainstream works with catchy hooks and melodies that are embellished by a uniform, engineered mix.

Of special interest: The popularity of Kiva as the studio for creating some of the latest creative works must certainly be a deliberate choice among the artists who voice where they want to track. Many of the albums recorded at Kiva (and those subsequently reviewed by this department) have exhibited the variety of the mixes and significant consistency of the productions merit recognition.

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