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by Ken Rogers
The Degree (Rocky Mount NC)
February 19, 1976
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Playing before a sold out Cameron Indoor Stadium audience, Joni Mitchell and the L. A. Express displayed Saturday night a performance that will long be remembered. The L. A. Express, (with the absence of Tom Scott), opened the concert playing some of their more familiar songs as well as a few new ones that will be released soon on their forthcoming album. They gave a "fantasmagorical" performance, especially with solos by John Guerin on drums and Victor Feldman on electric piano and bongos. After a short break, the L. A. Express returned on stage with the presence of Joni Mitchell. Wearing a three piece tailored suit with an English-styled hat, Joni opened with "Love or Money", electrifying the audience. She continued to sing songs from all of her previous albums, with special emphasis on her latest album. Hissing of Summer Lawns. Some songs that stood out were "Rainy Night House," "Big Yellow Taxi," for which she wore a cab drivers hat, and on the piano, "Real Good For Free". Although she made no mention of an album Joni did sing two new songs, "Kaiobe" [sic] and "Don Juan's Wreckless Doctor." [sic] Closing with the song "Twisted," the audience let her know that she is and always will be one of the great performers in the entertainment world. Even though she did not sing such classics as "Blue" or "Woodstock", Joni Mitchell gave an intense and extensive concert that demonstrated why she has such a large following today.

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