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The Red and Black (U of Georgia)
February 12, 1976
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The University Union lost between four and five thousand dollars on the Joni Mitchell concert Feb. 3, according to Tom Katzenmeyer, coordinator of the cultural affairs division of the Union.

The cost of the show itself including sound, lights, back-up band, and Mitchell, totaled $33,161.63.

Further expenses included backstage food, rider expenses, and limosines [sic], the cost of which totaled approximately $2000.

There were 25 to 30 security officers present whose services cost the Union $1,019.33.

The two service organizations present, Circle K and Alpha Phi Omega, each were paid between $250 and $275 for their ushering services.

Katzenmeyer estimated the cost of clean-up after the show was $300.

A total of 9,474 tickets were sold for the show, totaling $32,920.50 in sales.

The Joni Mitchell concert holds the record for paid admissions to Union concerts. Last quarter Linda Ronstadt ticket sales totaled 7,965 and in 1973, ticket sales for the Elton John concert numbered 8,778.

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