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Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester NY)
November 6, 1968
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Joni Mitchell, singer and songwriter from Canada, will make her first Rochester appearance Saturday at 8:15 p.m. in Nazareth College Arts Center.

The golden-haired artist who is said to possess a rare blend of sincerity, simplicity, talent and good looks, writes songs that are short stories of the life of her world. She writes of such things as the humor of a dentist who collects junk, the sorrow of a jilted girl, the joy of a city night. Her poetry is graceful and her melodies beautiful, according to her admirers. Her voice is considered among the best of the young folk singers.

Miss Mitchell has written songs that have been recorded by Judy Collins, Buffy St. Marie, Tom Rush and Dave VanDonk. Her "Reprise" album containing "Night in the City," "Marcie" and "Nathan La Franeer" is increasingly popular.

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