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CEC Laments Concert Timing Print-ready version

by Sandie Jordan
Austin Daily
March 18, 1974
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The long-awaited spring rock concert event presented by the Cultural Entertainment Committee has only one minor drawback - it is scheduled for the Friday that begins spring break.

To add to the CEC's troubles, the University System Board of Regents' action Friday, making the committee part of a positive check-off system for student services, probably will alter structure of the CEC, Kevin Reinhart, chairman of the committee, said Friday.

Despite the poor timing of the Joni Mitchell concert, Reinhart said he felt a lot of people would attend, since many students live in the Austin, Houston or Dallas areas.

Joni Mitchell is the fourth major rock event CEC has attempted to schedule, Reinhart said, but she is the only performer who has not cancelled. "I wish it (the concert) were on another day, too, but beggers [sic] can't be choosers."

The regents' decision to separate CEC from men's intercollegiate athletics will "profoundly affect the committee," Reinhardt pointed out. He added, "It will have to become more professional and profit-oriented."

Reinhart said he would not attempt to make the CEC an off-campus organization because the Texas Union provides the framework for the students to run their own organization.

"If it (CEC) got off campus, we would be more community-oriented, and so prostitute it. Although the CEC will be much altered, we will keep it on campus, run by students," he explained.

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