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Unique film project slated for Toronto Print-ready version

Toronto Globe and Mail
September 22, 1980
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An unusual film, called Acts of Love and consisting of nine vignettes written by nine famous woman, begins production in Toronto next week. Contributors include feminist author Germaine Greer, Lady Antonia Fraser, author of Mary, Queen of Scots, and Norwegian actress Liv Ullman.

Five of the segments will be directed by Toronto filmmaker Annette Cohen. The writers with whom she will work are Miss Greer (The Female Eunuch), Miss Fraser, Edna O'Brien (Zee and Co.) Gael Greene (restaurant critic for New York magazine) and Penelope Gilliatt (former film critic of The New Yorker).

Woman who will direct their own scripts are Nancy Dowd (who wrote the screenplay for Slapshot) and Miss Ullman. Swedish filmmaker Mai Zetterling will direct her own script and also one by singer Joni Mitchell.

The project is being produced by Rene Perlmutter whose husband, David, producer of Nothing Personal, is the president of the Canadian Association of Motion Picture Producers.

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