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Complete list of nominees for tonight's Juno Awards Print-ready version

Toronto Globe and Mail
April 2, 1980
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Complete list of nominees for tonight's Juno Awards

The Canadian music industry will present its Juno Awards tonight in a ceremony to be televised from Toronto's Harbour Castle Hilton hotel at 10 p.m. on CBC. Following is a list of nominations:

Album of the Year:
Armageddon (Prism), Flying Colors (Trooper), Hemispheres (Rush), Hot Shots (Trooper), New Kind of Feeling (Anne Murray).

Single of the Year:
Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes (Claudja Barry), Everybody Get Up and Boogie (Freddie James), I Just Fall in Love Again (Anne Murray), Midnight Music (Martin Stevens), Under My Thumb (Streetheart).

Mail Vocalist of the Year:
Bruce Cockburn, Burton Cummings, Murray McLaughlan, Gino Vannelli, Neil Young.

Female Vocalist of the Year:
Carroll Baker, Claudja Barry, Lisa Dal Bello, Joni Mitchell, Anne Murray.

Group of the Year:
April Wine, Max Webster, Prism, Rush, Trooper.

Country Male Vocalist of the Year:
Wilf Carter, Eddie Eastman, Ray Griff, Murray McLauchlan, Ronnie Prophet.

Country Female Vocalist of the Year:
Carroll Baker, Marie Bottrell, Glory-Anne Carriere, Iris Larratt, Anne Murray.

Country Group of the Year:
Carlton Showband, The Emeralds, The Family Brown, The Good Brothers, The Mercey Brothers.

Instrumental Artist of the Year:
Liona Boyd, Andre Gagnon, Hagood Hardy, Frank Mills, Gino Soccio.

Composer of the Year:
Tony Green (Everybody Get Up and Boogie), Frank Mills (Peter Piper), Brian Smith, Ra McGuire (The Boys in the Bright White Sportscar), Brian Smith, Ra McGuire (3 Dressed Up as a 9), Gino Soccio (Dancer).

Producer of the Year:
Bruce Fairburn (Armageddon), Bob Gallo (Night Music), Paul Gross (Images at Twilight), Andre Perry (I Want You), Domenic Troiano (Fret Fever).

Comedy Album of the Year:
Billy Bishop Goes to War (Eric Peterson), A Christmas Carol (Rich Little), Cinderelly (Al Clouston), Nestor Pistor (Nestor Pistor), Steve's Record (Steve Ivings).

Children's Album of the Year:
Chickery Chick (Sandra Beech), Going Bananas (All the performers of Mariposa in the Schools), I Lost My Pet Lizard (Brenda and Paul Hoffert), Mr. Dressup: For a Song (Ernie Coombs), Smorgasbord (Sharon, Lois and Bram).

Best Jazz Recording:
Determination (Michael Stewart, Keith Blackley), Night Child (Oscar Peterson), Rob McConnell and The Boss Brass Again (Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass), Sackville 4005 (Ed Bickert, Don Thompson), Walking on Air (Jim Galloway).

Best Classical Recording:
The Stratford Ensemble (The Stratford Ensemble, conducted by Raffi Armenian, vocals by Maureen Forrester), The Crown of Ariadne (Judy Loman), The Nutcracker Suite (Andrew Davis and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra), Sonatas for Flute and Harpsicord No. 1, 2, 3 (Robert Aitken, Greta Kraus), Loving (Kathy Terrell, Jean MacPhail, Susan Gudgeon, Mary Lou Fallis and chamber orchestra, conducted by Robert Aitken).

International Album of the Year:
Blondes Have More Fun (Rod Stewart), Breakfast in America (Supertramp), Get the Knack (The Knack), Nightflight to Venus (Boney M), Spirits Having Flown (Bee Gees).

International SIngle of the Year:
Born to Be Alive (Patrick Hernandez), Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (Rod Stewart), Heart of Glass (Blondie), Le Freak (Chic), YMCA (Village People).

Best Album Graphics:
Rodney Bowes (Cigarettes), Rodney Bowes (Good-bye LA), Heather Cooper (Hoffert: Concerto for Contemporary Violin/Stravinsky), Dave Elliot (Private Eye), Paul Hodgson (Rendezvous).

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