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May 8, 1996
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Canadian folk singer Joni Mitchell and French composer and conductor Pierre Boulez were awarded music's Nobel Prize, the Polar Prize, by the King of Sweden yesterday. Mitchell and Boulez shared the $150,000 cash prize, awarded this year for the fifth time.

Mitchell is famous for her soaring voice and biting lyrics, and for albums such as Court and Spark, Mingus, and Blue. Big Yellow Taxi, a protest anthem against the urbanization of America, is her most famous song.

Boulez, who once conducted Wagner's Ring at Bayreuth, has gone on to dabble in experimental music, including collaborating with radical rock musician Frank Zappa.

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BeauJangles on

The Nobel Prize, including numerous other awards Joni has achieved, are certainly well earned and deserved. As of most recent, The Grammy which was also awarded to her, earlier in the year. Friends, fans, and well wishers yet send hope and prayers for her total and complete recovery. However, Frank Zappa's mention at the bottom line needs a little correction. Frank passed away on December 4th, 1993. He had been struggling with prostate cancer for several years previously, and succumbed to it at age 52. Just thought the record should be set straight, as this article by Reuters, was written and/or dated: May 8, 1996. Zappa's legend and loss, to often satirical jazz/rock fusion, was a truly tragic one for many world wide admirers.