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Pablo Heras-Casado Replaces Injured Pierre Boulez at September's Lucerne Festival Print-ready version

by Logan K. Young
August 6, 2013

French composer and conductor Pierre Boulez and Canadian folkie Joni Mitchell pose after sharing the one million crown ($150,000) Polar Prize from the King of Sweden. Thankfully, Mitchell will not be conducting Boulez (or Berio) at Lucerne. (Photo © Reuters)

Due to a fracture in his shoulder, Pierre Boulez will not be able to not hold a baton to conduct his two scheduled concerts at September's Lucerne Festival.

As artistic director of the Lucerne Festival's Academy, the venerable maître will, however, attend all rehearsals for the September 7 and 9 concerts. Boulez will be present, too, for the pre-concert lectures and discussions on those dates.

Because of course he will.

Fresh off his well-received disc of Verdi with Plácido Domingo for Sony Classical, Pablo Heras-Casado will take Pierre Boulez's place on the podium for the following rep:

Saturday, September 7:

Dieter Ammann: unbalanced instability for violin and orchestra (a commission by WDR and the Lucerne Festival, with support from Pro Helvetia), Swiss première

Pierre Boulez: Cummings ist der Dichter / Le soleil des eaux

Monday, September 9:

Anton Webern: Cantata No. 2, Op. 31 / Variations for orchestra, Op. 30 / Cantata No. 1, Op. 29

Igor Stravinsky: Le roi des étoiles

Béla Bartók: Cantata Profana, Sz. 94

Heras-Casado will also conduct two other works originally on this evening's program: Alban Berg's Lyric Suite for Orchestra, Op. 30 and Luciano Berio's Corale (su Sequenza VIII).

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