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Los Angeles Times
June 23, 1998

The first large-scale concerts with major-name talent at the site of the original Woodstock since the original Woodstock 29 years ago will be held Aug. 14 and 15, commemorating the anniversary of those "three days of peace and music." Joni Mitchell--who didn't make it to Woodstock but wrote a much-loved song about it--is expected to be announced as one of the headliners today, as is Stevie Nicks (who also did not appear at the 1969 event) along with several acts that did perform at the famed gathering. Going under the title "A Day in the Garden" (the name "Woodstock" is owned by the producers of the original show, who also oversaw Woodstock '94 at another site), this is the first event at the old Yasgur farm property since it was purchased by businessman Alan Gerry, who reportedly has plans to build a Branson, Mo.-type destination for the Woodstock generation.

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