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Joni Mitchell's Father Passes Away at 100 Print-ready version

ABC News
January 24, 2012

[Photo: Jonathan Meyers]

Joni Mitchell's father, Bill Anderson, died on January 15 in Saskatoon, Canada, The Edmonton Journal reports. He was 100 years old. Born August 24, 1911, in Wetaskawin, Alberta, Anderson went on to become a flight lieutenant in the Canadian Air Force, and later worked for many years for a grocery store chain. He also gave trumpet lessons and played the instrument at various functions.

The folk-rock icon was Bill's only child. He is survived by his daughter, a granddaughter and two great-grandchildren. His wife, Myrtle McKee Anderson, passed away in 2007 at age 95.

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brianlloydfrench on

Wow - I knew Don back when I was a kid in Saskatoon - he was retired and consulting with small businesses. Ubelievable 100!!! (Though my mom just died at 98... People from those times survived a lot of challenges and it was obviously good for their constitution. (I met one old guy out there who had been an original sodbuster.