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Crowe Collects Signed Set Lists From Top Acts Print-ready version
November 29, 2011

The director, who started his career as a young Rolling Stone reporter, has his prized collection hanging in his bathroom and admits he can still be found hovering around the stage after concerts, looking for discarded song instructions.

He explains, "If I really love a show, I'll generally drift down to the front of the stage afterwards and look for anything taped to the stage floor. If that fails, I'll look for a tour manager who still has the list."

And Crowe is even willing to take set lists as payment for writing work — as he did after working on the liner notes for Joni Mitchell's greatest hits collection.

He tells Filter magazine, "She asked if I wanted to be paid for the job, and I said, 'Never, but I'd sure love you to write out a set list of the songs, and sign it.'"

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