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by Carly Simon
May 21, 2002

Christmas Carols

Question: I have been listening to you since I was in grade school, I'm now 38, and I have always been fascinated by the legend of the 1974 Christmas caroling you did with James, Linda Ronstadt, and Joni Mitchell. Could you indulge me with a few details? Thanks for years of enjoyment!

Lance Pillstrom — Tulsa, OK

Answer: Dear Lance,
It was one of those things that was blown out of proportion. Basically it was a gathering at James' and my house in L.A. James, Joni, Linda and myself started singing carols with others who were there (and you would be more able to fill me in on who they were than I) and we decided to go on over to the Troubadour and sing them there. It was impulsive and the kind of thing that should be done more. It was lots of fun and exuberant and if there is any more legend to it than that, I would love to know. It could be that there was and I'm not remembering it.

Love, Carly
Carly Simon - 5/21/02

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