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Restored Joni Mitchell Live Session Now Available in KCRW Archives Print-ready version

February 18, 2011

Joni Mitchell first performed on Morning Becomes Eclectic on October 25, 1994. She played an intimate, acoustic set and we've now resurrected it for all to hear! Below is the story behind this special session:

Joni first appeared at KCRW in 1991 with then Morning Becomes Eclectic host and Music Director, Chris Douridas (pictured above). MBE producer Ariana Morgenstern recalls the visit: "It was an enormous coup for us to have Joni in studio. She rarely granted interviews at the time, which is still her practice today.

"She was really generous during that interview. She talked about having polio as a child, which my mom also has, so we bonded on that front as well. And, being a woman growing up in the 70's, her music was and continues to be dear to my generation. I always feel a pang when artists come in and say that they were inspired by her, it's our common bond. (Also, that was the first time I ever let an artist smoke in the studio.)

I remember that R.E.M. happened to be recording a live session down the hall for Dierdre O'Donoghue's nightly KCRW program SNAP and I had the pleasure of introducing Michael Stipe to Joni in the hallway. Just one of many magical moments that have taken place in the basement."

From Chris: "That was in my first year of hosting the show. I remember thinking, 'Wow, Joni Mitchell and R.E.M. are both here at the station in one day. This place is AMAZING.'"

Joni was so pleased with the interview, she returned to play the live set, with her then ex-husband and producer, Larry Klein.

It's truly a gem in our archives. Enjoy it!

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