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Few Nods To Nostalgia For Mitchell Print-ready version

by Lynn McAuley
Ottawa Citizen
October 31, 1998

Joni Mitchell, an icon of the 60's, has never languished in the past. She's always been determined not to be a nostalgia act, and she proved as much last night at the Corel Centre. There were nods to her early work with songs such as Free Man In Paris, but that over, she clearly wanted to strut music from her new album Taming The Tiger. So she did. This was not necessarily the music the audience wanted to hear but it was the music she wanted to play. This night of the living legends, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, was well short of being a sellout, which made the hockey area seem somewhat cavernous. But the sound was excellent and Mitchell's voice crystal clear. The Saskatchewan born singer was backed by her former husband, bassist Larry Klein. Jazz stylings, which have dominated Mitchell's work for many years, are intricate and often ponderous -- too ponderous for some in the hockey arena audience, who were clearly anxious to hear that other 60's legend play songs they could at least recognize.

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