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Plundering The Vaults Print-ready version

by Mick Skidmore
February 2004

The Complete Geffen Recordings

One might call Joni Mitchell's tenure at Geffen the "missing years." Yet, in reality they were quite productive and imaginative. True, the four albums she recorded for the label didn't yield any major hits, but they were all creative and artistic sets and adorned with plenty of classy jazz-rock playing and articulate lyrical excursions from Mitchell. These albums dating from the early '90's have long been out of print. This set pulls together all those albums—CHALK MARK IN A RAIN STORM, DOG EAT DOG, WILD THINGS RUN FAST, and NIGHT RIDE HOME—along with a few previously unreleased bonus cuts including a delightful take of Bob Dylan's It' All Over Now Baby Blue. The box-set is nicely packaged with notes and drawings by Mitchell.

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