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Thoughts on Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark

by Stevie Nicks
June 28, 2009

I was over at [Fleetwood Mac producer] Keith Olson's house, and he had these great speakers that were as tall as me, and Joni's record had just come out, and I put it on. He went away, it was just me, and I listened to this record for three days. She was able to stuff so many words into one sentence and not have them sound crowded. She was talking about what it was like to be very famous and to be a woman living in a man's world. She had been in the world of fame much longer than me, and she had gone out with every famous rock 'n' roll star that there was. And she was such an amazing guitarist that they all respected her. That was unheard of. She was in the boys' club. She talked about what I saw coming. Even though Buckingham Nicks had tanked, I knew that we were going to be very famous, very rich, and that this fame thing was going to overwhelm us. So when I listened to this record, it was like a great old premonition just being laid out in front of me. There is a song on it called "The Same Situation," and that song just would kill me when I'd hear it. Because I knew it was coming.

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