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Painting Honoring Joni Mitchell at Stillwater Starbucks Print-ready version

by Heidi Cunningham
November 20, 2007

23 year-old Artist Unveils 8' x 4' Life-Like Painting Honoring Musician Joni Mitchell at Stillwater Starbucks

STILLWATER, MINNESOTA (November 19, 2007) - 4-6 p.m., November 30, 2007 The Downtown Stillwater Starbucks will unveil Legendary II, a life-like painting created by North Branch graduate Jessie Decorsey in honor of musician Joni Mitchell. This is the second painting by the artist to be featured in a Minnesota Starbucks.

While the young artist was working as a shift supervisor at the Miller Hill Starbucks in Duluth, Starbucks developed their Hear Music label and signed Paul McCartney. An inquisitive Decorsey wanted to know more about the music label and the new featured artist. She read books and browsed the internet. When she was done with her research, she couldn't help herself. The Studio Art major hit the canvas and amazed her coffee drinkers with a celebration of Paul McCartney and his life accomplishments. Her 8' x 4' painting reflected timeless stages in McCartney's life. She called it Legendary.

When the Miller Hill Starbucks unveiled Decorsey's painting during their Global Listening Party June 5, 2007, spectators stood in awe marveling over the realness of the images. It was clear coffee with a smile was not all Decorsey had to deliver. Her talent to capture the milestones in McCartney's life was undeniably breath taking.

Decorsey said she is most proud of, "The fact that I can capture someone's entire life, their entire career, and passions, with images."

It appears Starbucks is moving in an entertainment direction with their Hear Music Label, and they are taking Decorsey with them. McCartney and Mitchell, the first two musicians the label has signed, have inspired Decorsey to explore another area with her passion for painting.

Decorsey hopes to one day expand her talents and art education in graduate school. For now, she continues to serve coffee and take advantage of every artistic opportunity that presents itself, but the road is not an easy one.

"My own mom, an artist, did not want me to follow that path, because she has struggled her whole life. But, she has learned so much and has taught herself everything she knows about art. I admire her for that. Now, I inspire her. Every day she wants my constant updates of what is happening," said Decorsey with a smile.

The Stillwater Art Guild Gallery will feature The 14 created by Decorsey December 1 - 31, 2007. There will also be an artist reception 5-8 p.m. December 6, 2007 at the Stillwater Art Guild Gallery. During this time individuals can meet the artist and purchase desired prints.

Stillwater Art Guild Gallery
402 North Main Street
Stillwater, MN 55082

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