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Joni's singing date settled Print-ready version

by Ned Powers
Saskatoon StarPhoenix
February 14, 1974
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March visit to Saskatoon

A brilliant new Joni Mitchell!

That's the way the Toronto press is acclaiming the former Saskatoon songbird and that's what is in store for customers at the Centennial Auditorium on Thursday, March 14.

The singer-composer has been much in demand since indicating she was ready to go back on the concert road. At least two promoters sought Saskatoon dates on her behalf early in the new year and one nailed down the March date this week.

Born in Fort Macleod, Alta., Joni attended high school in Saskatoon in the early 1960s before searching out a career in music. Her last concert appearance at the Auditorium was in October 1969.

According to Robert Martin of the Toronto Globe and Mail, there's a new exciting look to Miss Mitchell's concert style.

Part of his review included the following:

"It was established early that this was not to be a folk concert. The show opened with a short set by Joni Mitchell's back-up band, the L.A. Express including such numbers as John Coltrane's Dahomey Dance. Then Joni walked on stage wearing a scarlet dress with a waist-deep decolletage and sequined butterflies and proceeded to destroy her folk image forever.

"The new image is that of a mature, sensual singer who would feel just as much at home singing jazz in a smokey cabaret as she would be at Mariposa. Or, for that matter, fronting a rock'n'roll band. Sunday night Miss Mitchell performed material in the blues, jazz, rock, and occasionally even the folk idiom and did them all brilliantly.

"Miss Mitchell's retirement from touring a couple of years ago has done her nothing but good. Her repertoire has fleshed out, her sound has become more varied and her attitude is now totally relaxed. The almost painful shyness has disappeared. She is still restrained, but she obviously enjoyed the show as much as her fans. After a particularly rousing rendition of Help Me she was so excited that she walked in a speaker on her way to the piano.

"It was a long and generous concert. Miss Mitchell sang 19 songs, then two more for an encore," he noted.

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