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Starbucks to sign Joni Mitchell? Print-ready version

New Musical Express
July 21, 2007

They are set to sign a 'great female artist'

It has been rumoured that Starbucks is set to sign Joni Mitchell to their Hear Music label.

CEO Ken Lombard said in press conference on Wednesday (July 18) in London that the label would announce its next signing in the next few weeks, according to a music industry insider.

However Martin Talbot from music industry magazine Music Week gave away more clues about who it was, he said: "He (Lombard) briefed me yesterday on who that was and I'm absolutely sworn to secrecy.

"But it is another big name artist - one of the all-time great female artists which will, I think, reaffirm what Hear Music is all about."

It has been speculated that the female artist would be Joni Mitchell.

Mitchell released two albums for Starbucks previously, 2005's Artist's Choice' which contained 18 of her favourite songs and 'Selected Songs' which contained tracks of hers chosen by the likes of Bob Dylan, Prince and Elvis Costello.

Mitchell who is currently without a label recently said: "My manager is looking at it because the business has fallen apart and there a lot of ways to enter back into the game."

The album 'Shine' is believed to contain the tracks 'I f I Had A Heart I'd Cry','Shine', 'Bad Dreams Are Good', If' and a new version of 'Big Yellow Taxi'.

Paul McCartney released his 'Memory Almost Full' album on the album in June and was his highest charting US entry for 10 years.

As previously reported there was speculation, later denied, that the coffee giant had signed Radiohead to their label.

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