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CBC News
May 19, 2005

SASKATOON – After months of preparation, the Lieutenant Governor's Centennial Gala, touted as the party of a century, has finally arrived.

"At this very moment, hundreds of performers, technicians, and stage crew are in rehearsal across town," said Lynda Haverstock, Saskatchewan's lieutenant governor. "And they're preparing a spectacle the likes of which has never been experienced in Saskatchewan or, quite likely, in Canada."

The gala includes a river flowing from a 9,000-square-foot stage to a lake at the back.

Saskatchewan comedian Brent Butt, star of Corner Gas, will host the gala, along with movie actor Leslie Nielsen.

"I remember coming here a number of years ago and I had not been to my place of birth," said Nielsen. "And I had left when I was really young. And I stood at the airport at night time and I looked at the stars and the lights in the distance and I said well, this is where I was born and nobody can take it away from me."

Theresa Sokyrka, Brad Johner, and Andrea Menard are some of the other performers. Joni Mitchell will be there as well, but she will not be singing.

The Queen and Prince Philip will also be in attendance for the gala, and will later meet some of the performers.

The gala begins Thursday evening at 6 p.m. and will be aired to a national audience on CBC Television at 8 p.m.

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