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Second Joni Mitchell Retrospective on Its Way Print-ready version

March 22, 2005

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Joni Mitchell continues to reshape the context in which her music is presented with a second retrospective, "Songs of a Prairie Girl," due April 26 via Warner Strategic Marketing.

The first, "Dreamland," was released last fall and debuted at No. 177 on The Billboard 200.

"This collection of songs and photographs is my contribution to Saskatchewan's Centennial celebrations," Mitchell says, referring to the Canadian province from which she hails. "I recommend that you get yourself a hot beverage and stand by the heater as you listen to these musical tales of long, cold winters with a hint of short but glorious summers."

Like "Dreamland," the material on "Prairie Girl" was handpicked by Mitchell, who worked closely with the label to design the package.

Among such selections as "Ray's Dad's Cadillac" and "Raised on Robbery" is a new mix of the song "Paprika Plains" from her 1977 album "Don Juan's Reckless Daughter."

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