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Interview at Violet Ray Gallery

CBS News Sunday Morning
September 24, 2007

This interview takes place at the Violet Ray Gallery in Manhattan, New York where Joni's photographic exhibition, Green Flag Song, displayed September 25 through October 10, 2007.

Joni talks with CBS News Sunday Morning program's national correspondent, Russ Mitchell, about the days she used to pay for art school by playing music at coffee shops for $15. She also gives a brief tour of the exhibition and touches on her ballet production of The Fiddle and the Drum.

All Sides Of Joni Mitchell
Original Broadcast Date: November 4, 2007


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olderandwiser on

I learned a bit more about Joni on this interview. Love the work, want to get a piece of the art... do you ever do a trade? I am down in Australia and a lifelong fan. If may be your finest work to date, Just astounding.

mtntime1 on

In my opinion, Joni's the greatest singer ever, not to mention wonderful songwriter, guitarist, pianist, artist. But I have to say, I'm so sad to see her with a cigarette.
I fear one day she, and us, will get the devastating news that she has lung cancer (just like my Mom). When that happens, you don't live long (Peter Jennings, etc.)
Joni, if you happen to read this, you are so talented, why do you want to poison yourself? Please stop, before it's too late. Those tobacco companies don't care about your life, but we all do.
Just please quit. And be busy being free. Please stop.

A concerned fan.