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Blow Away the Morning Dew

Let's Sing Out - Winnipeg, Manitoba
October 4, 1965

Originating from university campuses all across Canada, Let's Sing Out featured audience participation as students joined Canadian and American guest stars in familiar and popular folk songs.

Recorded at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg by CJAY-TV. The program, hosted by Oscar Brand, also featured Dave Van Ronk and the Chapins (including Harry).

Joni sings a duet with host Oscar Brand.

Broadcast on October 14, 1965.

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gvoiland on

In this early video you can already hear the originality and talent of this great musician. When I was 14 I heard the Clouds album and have been a fan since. Joni, if you read these things, rest assured thet your life has made a very positive difference in the lives of so many. What else can you say about Joni Mitchell? Alot, impossible to say here. THANK YOU