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Jian Ghomeshi Interview
February 21, 2017

Phil Lee produced this mini doc, saying "I have always been a big fan of Joni's music and once I became an editor, have always wanted to do a documentary about her career. She rarely does interviews but last year, I found an amazing interview (1 hour and 45 minutes) that she did for a Canadian public network, but based on what was posted, they really did not appear to produce much with it- other than just to present it in its entirety as a straight, un-cut video with questions and answers. I did find a shorter companion piece but it was produced more like a news magazine style video segment. So I downloaded all the un-cut footage and decided to produce a short doc version, just as a teaser to preview what a complete documentary might look like. I added some additional concert performance clips to help tell the story and to provide transitions. Joni is an amazing artist, and is really one of kind!"

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