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Interview with Jian Ghomeshi

Joni's LA Home
June 4, 2013

Joni was interviewed by Jan Ghomeshi. The interview was broadcast by CBC Radio and CBC-TV on June 10. 2013.

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brian c in Van on

Wonderful to find it here, in both audio and video forms. I recalled hearing it when broadcast on Q. Now 6+ years on, it was those same feelings that this was a moment in time to 'treasure' led me to seek it out. To now have the visual context and added nuance made me pause it after 6 min . I wanted to wait until I can immerse myself, and give this interview the intimate attention it deserves. I expect it will remain as one of the most remarkable interviews ever - where the interviewer sought to meet the artist, at their level, then fade into the background.... So when Joni spoke of "fly shit" I knew I was back - the landscape was the same I recalled