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A Case Of You

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New Victoria Theatre, London
April 22, 1974

From a performance at the New Victoria Theater.

Joni appears on stage with her dulcimer.

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kenxtc on

" Love is touching souls " is my favorite line from this song, and a profound lyric. Text added to this video states the song is about Graham Nash, which -- i guess that must be correct since this is her official site -- i have always thought was about JT. The line " i met a woman... " i thought was Kate (Probably because JT adds his beautiful guitar...) Oh well, another misconception bites the dust. Pulling for you, Joni !

FanProlifica on

This song from her Blue album is probably my favorite among ALL her recordings. But while I'm generally not a fan of "live" recordings, this knocks the socks off her original! I never dreamed it could be transcended.