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Day After Day

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New York City

Listen to this demo recording of the song Day After Day.

In a February 1968 BROADSIDE magazine interview, Joni says of this song:

I bought myself a ukulele and I plunked my way through most of the summer. Then I went off to art college and started playing in a club there with Peter Albling, who was the headliner. He and I became the house acts; he's Mycroft of the Times Square Two now. For both of us it was our first professional gig in Calgary, Alberta......

I wrote one song in Calgary. I don't remember what it was about. I wrote it for Peter. I don't remember how it went and I am sure he doesn't either. The next one I wrote was Day After Day. I wrote it going out to the Mariposa Folk Festival. That was in August, 1964.


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