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I Don't Know Where I Stand: Barbra Streisand

Beverly Hills, CA
April 7, 1973

Barbra joined about 200 people at the home of a Universal Studios Executive; Jennings Lang, for an ACLU benefit evening to raise money for the defense of Daniel Ellsberg. She agreed to take requests from those in attendance as well as from the telephone for $1,000 per song. A total of almost $60,000 was raised that evening.

David Geffen, who is in the audience, requests the song I Don't Know Where I Stand. When Barbra realizes that Joni Mitchell is in the audience as well she says, "I love your music and I also love the way you sing..."

Marvin Hamlisch is on piano. Barbra discovers Joni is in the audience.


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bob1bob on

Barbra Streisand's impromtu/unrehearsed performance of this song is a pure pleasure. This song is one of my favorites and so rarely played, included on anything. I think it is one of Joni Mithcell's finest. I was on a cruise to the Greek Islands and the now deceased singer, Nancy Lamont sp? sang this song beautifully to the crowd of 900 men---no one knew it but me it seemed and I alone, sadly, gave her the standing ovation she deserved. Back to Barbra--this has turned me into a full fan....a voice all can relate too and so appealing to the masses rightfully so and now I understand why--when hearing her perform material so important to me. She proves to be very kind to Joni Mitchell as well...For the Record, as one of Barbra's albums is titled I think. Ah--and the music and lyrics of Joni's For the Roses loom large in my mind as my all time favorites---'spring from the boulders like a mama lion' and 'you have to shake your fists at lightening' --those words make me understand perhaps why Joni Mitchell fights so hard in the press regarding her work, and at times seems unkind---it's like her songs are like her children and she is defending them..she said something similar in Rolling Stone. I would love an 'album' of Barbra Streisand singing Joni Mithcell songs wtih piano--a mainstream smash--the world could use the upper...and the combo of Streisand's mass appeal goreous voice with the provactive Mitchell material could be a masterpiece.Time to look forward. We all can dream---Bob Plunkett, San Diego