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Don't Interrupt The Sorrow

Congressgebouw The Hague, Netherlands
April 27, 1983

Joni performs live at Congresgebouw, The Hague, Netherlands.

Members of the band and the instruments played throughout the concert:
Joni Mitchell on Guitar, Dulcimer and Piano
Vinnie Colaiuta on Drums
Russell Ferrante on Keyboards
Larry Klein on Bass
Michael Landau on Guitar


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RQM on

One of my favorite of Joni's is this song. Again .... very personal and very deep. "We walk on the moon ...Be polite." The arrogance and vanity of men!!!! Wow... You got it Joni. Some of us out there need to know that "women are sacred." I learned this during my tour in the United States Marines.I love how she puts it together religion,history Eves and Adams downfall. Awesome lyrics.Was this for Larry Kline ? LOL Thank you Joni.  [ed.]  [ed.]

ljortman on

This is one of the best performances that Joni did
on "Don't Interrupt the Sorrow." Her performance showed
how her earlier music matured. I wish she would put
this exact concert on an upcoming albumn or DVD. I would
gladly support this site with a donation if you can post
this for Joni.  [ed.]