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Help Me

New Victoria Theatre, London
April 22, 1974

From a performance at the New Victoria Theater.
Joni appears on stage with her acoustic guitar.

Members of the band and the instruments played throughout the concert:

Tom Scott on flute, saxophone, clarinet, triangle
Robben Ford on guitar
Roger Kellaway on electric piano/keyboards
Max Bennett on bass
John Guerin on drums

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cooksforest on

This song brought me to Joni mitchell, being a wild teen, Joni and her gift of settling a spirit through her lyrics and melodies has also brought me to a very comfortable place spiritually. No one will ever be able to raise the bar, she is a great messenger among us. How lucky are we. Help me, Helped me straighten out my intimate life many times and no doubt forever.

bob1bob on

I agree--AWESOME as they young and fun as it gets but with beautiful collaboration, macho band etc. Perhaps my favorite song and version/performance of all time was nice to be a teen and have fun--but yet have the greatest teacher too--Joni embodies so many disciplines of study.

disco5000 on

exellent. my favorite song of all time. :):):)

Didi on

Amazing....even years later. Amazing.

pero on

On "Help Me" we can share the lighter moments of Joni`s search for real and intensive love. It feels like springtime and falling in love is as natural as the newborn world around us, getting into a fresh sunny season.
In my ears and withit in my music feeling this wonderful song never has been faded. It is unique like a blossom of a beautiful, rare flower.

PoetryMan11 on

This has got to be the best version of Joni's biggest hit that I have ever heard. What I especially like is that the end resolves itself and doesn't just fade out like the recording does.