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Posting to the JMDL, Walt shared:

Anybody else catch Mercy (medical show on NBC) tonite? A terminally ill woman [Lauren] tells her nurse [Sonia] she wants to go with a bottle of Dom Perignon, filet mignon and "a Joni Mitchell record playing". Good taste, no?

We also got an email from Patti:

I was channel surfing and happened to alight briefly upon this on an NBC show called "Mercy". An older woman [Lauren], sitting in a wheelchair, said to her young caregiver [Sonia]:

"Tonight I want a glass of Dom Perignon, some chocolate mousse, and Joni Mitchell on the record player."

Ah, yes. The finer things in life!

Later on Joni singing River can be heard in the background as a record player comes into view while Lauren finishes her final glass of Dom Perignon. "It's time" . Sonia gives her the bottle of liquid morphine with a straw. Lauren apologizes for yelling at Sonia. She didn't mean what she said, and Sonia can have whatever she wants to in life. And will she be sure to break the news to Paul? Crying, Sonia doesn't want to leave Lauren, but she does.

I'm Fine
Season: 1
Episode: 116
Original Air Date: March 10, 2010

Watch Episode Here
Forward to 19:48-10:02 for Lauren and Sonia's converation
Forward to 00:18:50 for Joni singing River

Thank you Walt & Patti!

(Contributed by Walt Breen and Patti Parlette)


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